Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Poole Quay

As some people know, I live on the south coast in Poole, Dorset and about 5 minutes away from Poole Quay so I thought it was about time I did a review on it!

Poole Quay is a real tourist hot spot and gets very busy especially when they have the special events such a fireworks on the quay or bike night where thousands of bikers descend onto the quay! I used to live on Poole Quay and my flat would shake with the amount of bikes revving their engines outside!

Poole Quay on a quiet day
(the building with the pointed roof was actually my old flat!)

Poole Quay is very wheelchair friendly - all the pavements are smooth and even with plenty of dropped kerbs to cross roads. There is disabled parking located on the water front outside the thistle hotel - these spots do fill up quickly though especially if you have a large vehicle that wont fit in the multistorey car park. If you do drive a normal mobility car, there is plenty of parking spots in the multistorey which is 30 seconds walk from the waterfront. There is also a couple of disabled parking spots the other end of the quay located next to a large blue sculpture but please be aware that there is also a parking spot next to them but this is actually a loading bay so if you park in this spot you will get a parking ticket!

Located on the quay there is plenty of accessible places to go to eat such as the pubs The Jolly Sailor,The Lord Nelson and The Quay (a wetherspoons - review can be found here) but if you dont want a pub meal there is a kiosk area which is wheelchair friendly which has a range of take aways such as fish and chips or jellied eels and of course candy floss and ice cream! There is also several gift shops located on the quay selling postcards and souvenirs etc but the only one accessible is the one located in the kiosk area. The gift shop is very small but the staff have always been extremely helpful! There is also a small tesco's with one of the only cash machines located on the quay! You can also find several resturants such as Banana Wharf and Rancho Steak House - these are accessible by lift which is located behind the deli's near tescos. The lift can be a bit temperamental so be prepared to find somewhere else to eat if its not working. 
Poole Quay also has the famous Poole Pottery which has a cafe, a large shop selling poole pottery (this shop really scares me because im convinced im going to knock everything over!!) and it also has a area where you can decorate your very own pottery - all this is fully accessible.

Photo credits: daltonbusiness / pooleview - bike night
tripadvisor / poolequay - poole pottery

Poole Quay is home to the world famous Sunseeker boats and there is always plenty of them moored up for people to admire as well as fishing boats and sailing boats.You can also get a boat which takes you over the Brownsea Island but unfortunately these are unavailable for people who are unable to transfer out of their wheelchair. 

The only major downside we have found is the severe lack of toilets - there are some right down the end by the lifting bridge but I really wouldnt recommend these as they are not very pleasant! All the pubs have toilets so i would recommend you go into these as they are alot cleaner!

There are always plenty of events happening on the quay such as bike night, mini steam on the quay, folk on the quay.....for a full list of events visit http://www.pooletourism.com/

So come and visit one day and treat yourself to a Mr Whippy and a pint of cider! 



  1. Aaah it looks spectacular!! I haven't been to Poole for a long time! Our friend used to have a boat moored at Poole Harbour. I used to love going out for a rip on the sea!! Those were the days ;) Note to self: must go back and visit! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

    1. yes a visit is a must! its been lovely lately sat down there in the sunshine!