Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre

Recently we went to see The Bootleg Beatles at The Pavilion located near Bournemouth seafront. The pavilion is quite an old building but the disabled access they have is brilliant. There is 8 wide space parking spots out the front but if these are not available, most of the car park is flat so parking is never really issue but if you drive a mini bus like I do, i would recommend getting to the Pavilion slightly early in order to get a wide parking spot. The only issue we have with parking is that when everyone leaves the car park most have to drive past the disabled spots making it very difficult to get out the spots due to the amount of traffic. Its even more difficult with a electric ramp as there isn't enough room to lower the ramp with all the cars going past and taxis pulling up right outside the venue.

Once parked up The Pavilion has a ramp next to the main steps making it very accessible to enter the building. Inside there is a large foyer waiting area with a accessible toilet but the only downside is the little coffee shop they have in the foyer has a step down into it making it unaccessible for anyone in a wheelchair but there is a bar located at the the back of the pavilion which is accessible for wheelchairs but please note that there is a large slope you have to go up/down to get to and from the bar which can be a bit of a struggle as its quite steep and has a thick carpet which makes getting a wheelchair across a bit harder but it is doable- again you need a bit of upper arm strength!

What we like about the pavilion is the location of the disabled seating, There is room for about 8 wheelchairs (split over both sides) and room for a carer/a friend etc and these spaces are very roomy which is really good but the best bit is....they are about 6 rows from the front! The views from these seats are really good! We've been to some venues where the disabled seating is up on the balcony with a safety rail blocking our view so its really refreshing to have decent seats!

We had such a good night out and really enjoyed The Bootleg Beatles - I highly recommend seeing them if they play near you! @BootlegBeatles

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The Pavilion always have loads of events on so check out their website to see if there is anything you fancy!

We see quite a few shows at the pavilion so every now and again I will review these!

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