Friday, 17 April 2015

Marwell Zoo!

As a support worker im always trying to find exciting days out for the people we support so this week we've been to Marwell Zoo to make the most of the glorious sunshine we are having on the south coast at the moment!

Marwell zoo is only about an hour away from us so its a perfect day out!

When we arrived we got directed to the disabled parking spots which are located nice and close to the entrance and there is alot of disabled parking spots which is always good!
We made our way to the entrance which was located about 2 mins away and paid for entry which was about £16.50 with carer going for free. We also purchased a guide book for £2.99 which tells you about all the different animals and has a handy map at the back. After studying the map we discovered there is two routes you can take - a large one which takes you right round the zoo or a shorter one which takes you round most of the animals and cuts through by the house. We opted for the smaller route which was perfect for us.

The zoo is very big so you will need a good 4 hours to get round which is the time we spent wandering round nice and slowly and admiring all the animals and taking loads of photos. Everywhere was wheelchair friendly but quite hilly - we felt like we had been to the gym after walking round all day!! There was one slope by the lemurs that was incredibly steep! We had to get a couple of random people to help us down it to make sure we were safe but we had a giggle about it and the two men were very helpful!

The people I support loved looking round and really enjoyed waving at the people on the little train everytime it went past us. There is also a larger land train but its currently not working but this didn't really bother us.

Located all round the zoo are a number of different cafes and places selling ice creams but we decided to take our own picnic and found a nice spot next to the zebras to to have a sit down and eat our lunch. There was also plenty of toilets located in various parts of the zoo which all seemed accessible and nice and clean.

But i think the highlight for the two people i support was.....the gift shop!!! It was HUGE! They loved being about to look around without worrying about knocking things over and everything was responsibly priced too. For a giant cuddly snake (about a metre long!) , a badge, a magnet and a inflatable flamingo it cost us £19 - very much worth it! 

The only bit we really struggled with was the walk back to the car park. When we entered the zoo we didnt realise how steep the hill was until we headed through the exit - i thought i was going to pass out when we finally reached the car park!!!

But we had a really good day with loads of photos - and two happy people!

What's Your Weekend?


  1. I love going the zoo. We have one not far from us but it has gone really expensive which is a shame as it was a great day out but now its more of a once a year type day out. #WhatsYourWeekend

    1. We're lucky that we have marwell zoo, longleat and monkey world near us! All pretty expensive though!