Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Eurovision Anniversary Concert

I have a very sad confession - i LOVE Eurovision! Yes im one of those sad people who sit and watch the entire show whilst waving my flags and then vote and hope and pray that we get more than 2 points.....If we get over 10 points then i'm practically screaming with excitement!

So you can imagine how excited I was when they announced there was going to be a special one of concert in Hammersmith, London to mark the 60th anniversary of Eurovision....60 years!!!!!

Tickets sold out within minutes as they went on sale all over Europe at the same time - after much panicking I managed to secure 3 tickets for me,my sister and my friend. We waited weeks for the concert but then the morning off it disaster stuck...i woke up with a swollen face resembling the elephant man and nearly ended up at A&E but thankfully after having a ton of antibiotics given to me i started to look normal again so we finally got to head off to London -phew!!

When we got there we instantly spotted people from all over Europe carrying their countries flags and wearing some very funky suits made out of flags (!) We felt very under dressed! We went in and found our seats and got our flags ready and then it began.....ahhhhh!! Graham Norton presented the concert with Petra Mede.

They had loads of different singers from all over Europe - Some of the artists performed in the contest at the very beginning of Eurovision and some from the more recent years but everyone got the same brilliant reaction! There was cheesy singing and dancing and flag waving for over two hours!

Half way through the concert we got treated to a routine by Riverdance who first performed on tv during the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994! I have never seen them live before so this was a nice added bonus!

The concert ended with all the artists coming on to sing Abbas Waterloo which was hilarious watching the zombie rocker group Lorde trying to look cool singing along to this!

My highlight (and everyone elses!) was singing along to the current winner Conchita Wurst who has an incredible voice! Who knew a woman with a beard could sing so well?!

The only downside was the horrendous drive home.What would normally take 2 1/2 hours ended up taking 5 hours due to all the motorways being shut for road works argghhh!!

But it was worth it as we had a brilliant night and its the closest we will ever get to going to the actual Eurovision Song Contest!

Photo credits: BBCOne

The main Eurovision Song Contest is on BBC One 23rd May at 8pm

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