Monday, 20 April 2015

50 Things that make me happy!

My sister Elaine has nominated me to do my 50 things that make me happy. I've had a good think about what i want on my list and i think ive FINALLY got my list ready! My list will probably change alot as i think of new things but at the moment this is my 50 things! enjoy :)

  1. Spending time with my family which thankfully I do alot!
  2. Playing with my nephew Elliot - playing hide and seek with a 2 1/2 year old is very interesting!
  3. Singing loudly whilst driving
  4. Having an ice cold drink on a hot sunny day
  5. Pay Day!!!
  6. BBQ's.....mainly the smell! *drools*
  7. Getting into my pjs after a long day at work
  8. Singing along to a song and getting the lyrics right first time like a pro!
  9. Seeing a musical at the theatre
  10. Christmas Day!
  11. The Eurovision song contest 
  12. Seeing Mcfly live and having a good singalong with friends
  13. Spontaneous days out with friends
  14. Going for long drives on a sunny day with the window wound down
  15. Having freshly washed hair
  16. Fresh clean bedding
  17. Eating Ben and Jerrys straight out of the tub
  18. Beating my dad to a top answer when watching Pointless (!)
  19. Sitting in front of the fire on a cold winters day
  20. Having the house to myself
  21. Cooking a meal from scratch and enjoying the taste once its cooked!
  22. Treating myself to a take away
  23. Watching tv with the cat curled up next to me
  24. Turning off my alarm clock so i can have a nice long lie in
  25. Getting stuck into a good book
  26. Getting tweets of celebs
  27. Meeting celebs!
  28. Buying my nephew presents and seeing him run off with it all happy!
  29. Getting cuddles off my nephew (even if i have to force him to hug me ha!)
  30. Getting tickets for a concert when it sells out quickly
  31. Eating so much food that you feel satisfyingly stuffed
  32. Seeing the 2 disabled adults i care for healthy and happy
  33. Getting a good bargain when out shopping
  34. Looking through old family photos and having a giggle at our clothes we wore!
  35. Wrapping myself up in the duvet on a cold night
  36. Being at a concert when they shower you with confetti at the end
  37. Going for days out with the 2 adults i support
  38. Finding a pair of jeans that fit my midget legs perfectly!
  39. Having a disney dvd marathon day
  40. Going out with my 2 sisters
  41. Booking a holiday!
  42. Watching my nephew watch videos of himself and giggling like a loon!
  43. Going on a road trip with friends to see bands live
  44. Eating a magnum ice cream without dropping any of the chocolate!
  45. Driving whilst the sun is setting....lovely!
  46. Having lazy days doing nothing
  47. Watching/listening to thunder and lightning
  48. Having a good old gossip
  49. Hot chocolate fudge cake with custard
  50. Watching the film Hocus Pocus on Halloween - family tradition!!
Ta dah! Thats my list of 50 things to make me happy but no doubt that will change at some point!
Thanks elaine for nominating me - you can find her blog here

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