Thursday, 16 April 2015


Last night i went to see Mcbusted in Bournemouth and it was amazing!

On the Mcbusted tour they have a section at the front called the OMFG zone which people can buy tickets for to be extremely close to the stage. These tickets normally cost £110 but last night something amazing happened......I WON OMFG TICKETS! This meant i got to upgrade my tickets so instead of being crushed at the back, I got taken down to the front bit ahhh!!! We were so close to the stage that we could interact with the band - although i embarrassed myself by dancing my heart out only to look up to see James Bourne stood on stage just watching me haha! Awkward!!! I clearly won him over with my amazing dad dancing....

They opened up the night with their single Air Guitar and immediately got the crowd bouncing up and down - i soon discovered how unfit i am! The concert was full with a mixture of Mcfly and Busted songs and then a few Mcbusted songs.There was many entertaining moments such as them all dressing up with wedding dresses for the song 'crashed the wedding', wearing ice hockey tops in a sort of tribute to the retro film Mighty Ducks and then of course the arcade machine - The stage set was a giant working arcade machine in which half way through the concert they had a game of street fighter! Mcbusted have actually broken the world record for the largest working arcade machine.

After alot of dancing, singing, jumping and sweating (from us and mcbusted!) they got to the final songs and ended with Year 3000 and a explosion of streamers falling onto the crowd. This has to be one of the best nights! 
If you get the chance to see mcbusted/mcfly at some point...go!!

**If you want to use any of my photos please ask me and credit me - thanks!**

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