Friday, 10 April 2015

Harvester - Poole

We quite often visit our local Harvester for our lunch as the food is tasty and reasonably price. We normally go for the £9.99 deal...salad bowl, unlimited drink, a main meal and pudding - total bargain! 

Our local Harvester
photo credit: poole view

Our local Harvester is The Seahorse in Poole. There is a large car park with 4/5 disabled spots..some large and some normal size but we've never had any issues getting a spot. (Top tip....if there are no disabled spots, Sainsburys next door has loads - so you can park there and walk across the road to the pub. There is a small slope next to a set of stairs so everyone can get in - there is a bit of a lip on the doors but its doable - staff normally come over to help hold doors open too.

Inside the harvester there is plenty of different height /sized tables to pick from and the staff are happy to help move tables round to accommodate you and the floors are all even. 

The only issue we have had was with a certain staff member who was rude to us on several occasions but we spoke to the manager about this and got it resolved and we've been back since and it all seems to be fine now! Maybe we just caught them on a bad day?!

I give our local Harvester 3 stars! 

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