Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dinosaur Zoo LIVE!

Today I took the disabled man I support to go and see Dinosaur Zoo live at Bournemouth pavilion (click here for my review on the pavilion!) and we LOVED it!

Dinosaur Zoo is by a company called Erth and is a show aimed at children (and adults!) who love dinosaurs. The dinosaur keepers take us through the story of how dinosaurs became extinct and introduces us to several dinosaurs starting with the baby ones and gradually building up to the giant ones!

The keepers welcome children up on stage to meet the dinosaurs and to interact with them which the kids loved! (apart from one poor girl who ran off stage terrified!) and at one point they had giant insects flying round and landing on the audience - we had one land of our head! 

The dinosaur puppets used in the show are incredible - you completely forget they aren't actually real even though you can clearly see the blokes legs sticking out of the costume!

We met up with my sister Elaine and my nephew Elliot who is 2 1/2 and both loved it although elliot did get a bit scared when the big dinosaur ran towards him - but to be fair I was petrified too and i'm 27 years old!!!! 

Elliot being brave and meeting the baby dinosaurs and a couple of
photos of the dinosaurs on stage!

After the show had ended, everyone who wanted to meet the big dinosaur could come up to the front of the stage for photos - we waited until all the kids had finished having their photos taken and then got up close to the dinosaur. The staff were lovely and made sure we could get as close as we could in the wheelchair without feeling rushed. We then headed out to the main foyer where we could meet the baby dinosaur puppets which were a lot less scary! We had loads of opportunities to have photos taken and once the crowds had vanished the staff bought a baby puppet over to us to get a better look and to have a chat which was lovely!

The show is approx 50 mins long and there was loads of merchandise to purchase. We bought a programme and a keyring for £6.50 and got a free sticker but there was loads of things to buy like mugs, door hangers, diy models and games. These can also be purchased online here.

Dinosaur Zoo is currently on tour round the UK so make sure you go and check it out. All prices and tour dates are on their website: http://dinosaurzoolive.com/

We had such a good day that will be remembered for a long time!

You can also check out my sisters blog about Elliots adventures at Entertaining Elliot!



  1. Wow this looks like so much fun, I'm not sure if my little one would be scared but I know I would love it. I will defo see if they are in my area. Thank you #twinklytuesday showed me the way here.

    1. Thanks! Think I was more scared than most kids there today haha!

  2. This looks so fab! I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for the next time it's touring the area! Thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday