Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Im new to this so will be learning as i go!

But to start with here's a little bit about me and why im doing this blog.

I work as a Support Worker for a charity based in Dorset which supports children and adults with disabilities. The charity own a special education school which can support up to 28 children and are supported by qualified teachers and a team of occupational therapists, a speech therapist, physio therapists, orthopaedics and nurses. Once they leave school we help them go into Supported Living where they get their own home with a team of staff and gain experience in independent living where they are supported to pay bills, go food shopping and have control over their own money etc.

As part of supported living, they get to pick what they do every day which means alot of fun days out and even holidays! Holidays can range from a weekend away in a caravan to holidays to Florida - wherever they wish really! 
But a problem we have found is that alot of places are not very accessible or the websites claim to be but are sadly not, so ive decided to write a blog to review places we go and to do hints and tips such as good parking spots, places to eat etc!


*Due to privacy rights, I will not be posting photos of the people I support and that the blog is all my own views and not connected to the charity I work for.