Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Abbotsbury Swannery

Last year I decided to take the disabled man I support to Abbotsbury Swannery near Weymouth, Dorset and it was one of the best days we've had! I did alot of research online first to make sure the place would be suitable for a wheelchair and the website was very helpful with loads of information ( so on a lovely sunny morning we headed out on the hour drive.

Once you arrive at the Swannery there's a car park near the gift shop but if you have a blue badge you can get a key from the gift shop to open to gate the drive right up to the entrance of the swannery which is very helpful!

Once in you can walk down a little path next to a small river which is very relaxing! The ground can be a little bumpy at times but I managed fine with the wheelchair -just need a bit of upper arm strength!! As you follow the path you start to notice swans everywhere! At first we were petrified as they are huge but if you stay away from them, they are absolutely fine! It was quite quiet when we went as it was midweek - this seems to be the best time to visit. As it was quiet we were able to take our time strolling round and watching the swans build their nests which was really interesting to watch and then came the really fun bit.....feeding the swans! The workers there asked anyone who wanted to feed the swans to come forward and pick up a bucket of food and go off and feed them in a special section of the swannery which was really good to watch.We didnt actually feed the swans as the person i supported was quite happy just watching but even in his wheelchair he would have been able to go out and feed them with everyone else. As the swans were being fed, the worker there told us the history of the swannery and loads of interesting facts about the swans and about how they build their nests which we really enjoyed.

Once we fed the swans we headed off for some lunch. Next to the gift shop is a lovely little cafe where they sell loads of nice comfort food with seating inside and out and plenty of room for wheelchairs and the staff were incredibly helpful bringing our food over for us and making sure we had everything we needed. After lunch we headed to the gift shop to buy a souvenir of our day out - we ended up buying a huge cuddly swan which got hugged all the way home!

I highly recommend the Abbotsbury Swannery as its a brilliant day out and the prices to get in are very reasonable too.

Individual tickets

Adult: £11.50 (carers get in free)
Child (5-15 years): £8.50
Super Saver Family Ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children) £39 - Includes entry to the Swannery, Children’s Farm and Subtropical Gardens
Passport Tickets (one visit to each of the three attractions – a real holiday treat!)
Adult – £16.00
Child (5-15 years) – £13.00
Family (group up to 5 with a maximum of 2 adults) – £39.00

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